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What’s the Difference in Marketing to Multicultural Audiences?

By MaKenzie Hall

Written for: HellaBlack @ Layla Nielsen & Co. Internship

Published on: HellaBlack and Layla Nielsen & Co.

As we currently reside in the most multicultural generation we have ever been in, it is time to recognize multicultural marketing, or targeting people of different cultural backgrounds individually but with the brand's same overarching message, should be the standard. General messages do not cut it as they exclude cultural norms, lifestyles, and preferences of their minority audiences.

What to understand when starting a multicultural marketing campaign -

  • Research the cultural norms.

  • Have representation in your advertising and your team.

  • Speak out on issues affecting these communities.

  • Don’t only market to these audiences when it is trendy.

How to effectively reach your multicultural audience -

  • Understanding Consumption Source - 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional ads; 93% consume through social media.

  • Content personalization - Analyze pricing, useful products, customer insights, and other marketing necessities for these audiences.

  • Channel Selection - Print, Facebook, and Tik Tok reach dramatically different audiences so you still need to further specify your target.



Nike is a brand well known for sticking to their values and morals whether they are considered unpopular or even leading to boycotts of the brand. They do not shy away from connecting to their multicultural audience through endorsements, campaigns, commercials, community outreach, and even cultural and religion-specific activewear. They have shown their support and dedication to Black Lives Matter, women’s equality, and an appreciation for all faiths and cultures in the sports community.

Another great example is Adobe’s “When I See Black” campaign which features uplifting representation of 12 Black artists with phrases like, “When I see Black I see power,” and “When I see Black I see a bright future.” With a hard hitting message of “Black creativity can’t be painted in a single stroke.” It celebrates a spectrum of creativity, perspectives, and creations of the next generation.


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