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Branding & Identity // Research & Development // Book Design // Print Design


Photoshop // Illustrator




In life in general and especially in the year 2020, people were feeling overwhelmed with the looming news of another negative event every time they opened social media. It was easy to lose one’s sense of happiness and what keeps them grounded. Happiness is Present is a social movement designed to help people reflect on the little joys in their everyday lives that bring a smile to their faces. HIP takes a physical form in a guided journal, filled with introspective questions to help the user document what is currently bringing them happiness.


hip is inspired by the global disaster that was the year of 2020. My mission was to find a way to remind people that life is not about the materialistic, big achievements we often associate with happiness, but happiness is everywhere in the little things like laughter, friendship, family, etc. My process book shows some of the research and stages that went into creating the playful brand. 

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