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Social Media Design // Email Design // Presentation Design // Video Editing & Transcribing


Canva // MailChimp // Premiere Pro //  XD




HellaBlack is an e-commerce platform dedicated to connecting Black-owned enthusiasts with Black-owned businesses as well as providing free resources and trending topics for business owners to learn from. 



I worked with HellaBlack on designing a set of social media posts for Instagram to excite consumers and potential vendors for launch day. I centered the content of the posts on black businesses being prioritized, celebrated, and uplifted in a single space while the designs follow HellaBlack's bold and impactful branding to captivate scrollers on their feeds.

For HellaBlack's email campaigns I designed several different layouts to promote
the HellaRich Hub, Blog Spot, and featured vendors. I focused the layouts on centering representational images combined with captivating call-to-actions to draw in vendors and consumers alike while not overwhelming the viewer with too much information.


The HellaRich Hub provides small business owners with free presentations and resources full of tips and tricks on how to elevate their businesses. 

How to Design Basic Graphics

How to Use Canva For Product Images

How to Create Brand Guidelines

Marketing Guide to Home Products

HellaRich Hub

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