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CMFRT Zone is a custom icebreaker card game featuring questions that are often seen as taboo or intrusive. The purpose of the game is to bring together a group of people whether they know each other or not and get them talking. It features five categories: family, relationships, financial, sexual, and friendly. The questions range from “Who in the group is least successful?” to “What sexual activity do you consider totally off limits?”


What's Included:

It features 5 categories: family, friendly, financial, personal, and sexual centered around taboo interactions whether with strangers or people you are familiar with.

Each category includes 20 cards for a total of 100 heat-inducing questions.

The Design:


The design of CMFRT Zone emphasizes the "hot seat" nature of the game. Represented by bold colors, intricate patterns, and an intimidating size (double the size of average playing cards). There's nowhere to hide. The details further complement this approach with a logo intertwining with each character and every pattern emphasizing an isolated target within a group.

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